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Feeding a Hungry Planet

This unit raises the question, what will we eat in the future? It addresses the challenges to our diets and changes that we expect to see occurring. The unit consists of five learning sets, each driven by a different question:

  1. How can we feed our growing population?
  2. What is a balanced and healthy diet?
  3. What is the problem with meat production?
  4. What does the future of meat look like?
  5. How can the diet of our future be both healthy and sustainable?

In the unit students learn about local and global food production and agriculture by tracking the making of a pizza and a hamburger, discuss the basics of nutrition, focusing in particular on micronutrients and proteins, then focus on the environmental challenges of meat production, and consider cutting-edge technologies involved in the production of cultured meat. The unit solicits students’ visions regarding the future of food, emphasizing personal agency.

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