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Quenching a Thirsty Planet

Even though Earth is a water planet, humans in many places are faced with a lack of clean water. This unit centers on the topic of clean water and is driven by the question: “What can we do to ensure that future generations will have access to the clean water they will need to survive?” The unit consists of four lesson sets, each driven by a different question:

  1. Are we running out of water?
  2. Where does water come from?
  3. What is happening to the water?
  4. What solutions are there?

Students learn about the water crisis from a global and local perspective, including uses, trends, and predictions concerning water health and access, current events and issues affecting water use and availability, and potential emerging solutions for the water crisis. Students analyze public data, develop and articulate positions on the various facets of the water crisis, create and use scientific models to understand the scientific and social aspects of the issue, reflect on personal stewardship, and work toward potential solutions.